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My ‘Bio’ Would Say I Am A  Committed Practitioner And Student Of Yoga Since My First Class In 2005. I Could List My Many Blessed Opportunities To Study Under, And Learn From Very Special Teachers, Including Graduating From An Amazing School Of Yoga Under A Teacher I Highly Admire In 2011.

There Are So Many Types Of Yoga I Have Been Blessed To Be Trained In, I Would Like To Use This ‘Bio’ To Share A Bit On ‘Naad’ Yoga’ (The Yoga Of Sound).  I Have Used Music In My Yoga Practice Forever (Even When I Do Ashtanga At Home, Which Is Traditionally Done In Silence (“Ah! Gasp!”)). I Was Blessed To Learn The Practice Of The Gayatri Mantra The First Few Months Of Being Introduced To Yoga And Incorporated ‘Mantra’ (Also A Vehicle Of Sound) Into My Daily Home Practice. 

The Vibration Of Sound Written About 5,000 Years Ago Has Now Been Scientifically Proven To Having A Direct Impact On Brain Waves , Brain Neuroplasticity, And Brain Area Activation, And Most Of Us Would Agree Sound Also Has The Ability To Directly Affect Our Mood (Emotions), As Well As The Endocrine Centers Of The Body, (Located At The Areas Of The Seven Main Chakras Or Energy Centers).  For These Reasons Music Not Only Assists With ‘Yoga’ (Clearing The Mind And Connecting One To Divine Source Energy), But It Has Also Been Considered By Many Religions Over The Ages One Of The Quickest And Easiest Ways Towards ‘Enlightenment’.  I Am Thrilled  To Have More Published Music From Alchymie I Can Use During My Teachings And Practice.  


                       - Tammy Reese