Hung Phuc Ly believes in the healing qualities of the Native American flute and the sound it produces. He feels that the sound of wood is ingrained in our DNA and by playing a wood flute we are in essence harnessing nature itself. Hung has been playing the Native American flute for 8 years and was first drawn to it by its sound and the qualities that the sound possesses. He plays single, double , and triple Native American flutes all made by NativeAmerican flute maker Odell Borg for High Spirits Flutes.Through college he studied piano, guitar, and choir and his love for “guerrilla style” flute playing can be found wherever he goes. Whether it’s waiting for a flight at an airport, being in a park, cafe, or on the street. Hung often sees how people react positively the minute they hear the flute. It has the ability to magically change the environment. 

Hung’s story is truly unique in its beginnings. Born in South Vietnam, he was brought to the USAas part of the US operation "Baby-lift” in 1975. He has spent his lifetime not only discovering who he is now,but also where he came from.  In 2014 he released his debut album "Dreamscape" with Alchymie and pianist Jennifer Theuer Ruzicka. He continues to perform and record as a solo artist, with Alchymie and also with southwest Florida artist Frankie Colt. 



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