Laila Kuhl-Kalantari


Laila Kuhl-Kalantari has embraced the true alchemical artistic journey as musician, composer, photographer, playwright, director and dancer. Within all of these mediums Laila experiments, creates, and channels her artistic endeavors with the vigor of an alchemist. She has earned a myriad of awards and top honors academically for her diverse interests and is currently a music major at New College, Florida.  At the moment she collaborates with Alchymie as a photographer for both live stage productions and recorded material for publication along with pursuing her studies as an honor student at New College. Her photography work has appeared also for White Lotus Magazine, Naples Ballet,  as commissioned private work, and has been exhibited for Artis Naples Florida which is home to the Naples Philharmonic and the Baker museum. She also currently interns at Sarasota Community Radio for sound board operation, public speaking and broadcasting.  Open minded, curious, and a meticulous eye for the beauty in all. She relentlessly pursues not only her art , but  life with  an inherent creative spirit.