Debut album from Spectral Reflections featuring Alchymie available TODAY!

Echoes of the Sea

Featuring Alchymie on piano

September 16, 2019

Spectral Reflections is the vision of Virginia and James Wilson owners of The Live Room. The Live Room, begun in 2013 by the Wilsons, focuses on providing audio/video production services, musical compositions, recording, mastering, and production for live events and in the studio. Musicians and audio synthesists with over 30 years experience as multimedia artists, digital designers and producers of audio and video; they bring this expertise and their inherent artistic teamwork to New Age music focused on wellness and healing. Together they have had the opportunity to work with and study under pioneering visionaries of audio, video and film such as Hollis Frampton, Woody and Steina Vasulka, Tony Conrad and Lejaren Hiller. Their work has been supported by The National Endowment for the Arts, the professional sports industry of Buffalo, New York and Tampa, Florida, and by numerous start-ups and high tech giants across the United States.

With Echoes of the Sea, Spectral Reflections takes you directly to the ocean side with soothing music for a complete uninterrupted hour of relaxation. Traditional orchestral instruments mixed with evolving synthesized tones, creates an ideal environment for the beautiful piano of Alchymie, all laid on a bed of gentle ocean waves. These elements combine to create a sonic atmosphere that will leave you relaxed, centered and energized.