New Alchymie piano track on compilation from New Age Music Planet

Coming November 2019

The Piano Album


New Age Music Planet will be releasing The Piano Album November this year. Much thanks goes to mastermind Paul Landry for his hard work in connecting artists and putting the album together. The album offers a rich showcase of piano compositions from a roster of international and award winning artists. It is a wonderful cohesive flow of New Age piano music. Jasmine Snow , a piano piece I wrote specifically for this album, reflects just that…jasmine petals as if they were snow. While sitting outside one windy afternoon I noticed our jasmine bush and the white petals falling to the ground as the wind swept through it. It was as if it was snowing, but just only there, a gorgeous fragrant snowfall all around the bush and beneath it. Snow in the middle of summer. Beautiful and surreal. I’m honored to have been able to contribute Jasmine Snow to this wonderful album which highlights artists and their piano work from New Age Music Planet. Check out their websites and discover some new piano music and perhaps a new favorite artist as well! Paz del Castillo, Bill Whitfield, Oscar Pascarsio, Don Slepian, William Ögmundson, Jane Leslie , Jennifer DeFrayne, Kerry Barnes, Darla Bower, Rada Neal, Louis Colainnia, Annie Locke, Eric Bikales, Deborah Offenhauser, Elyssia, Kevin Buckland , Lisa Swerdlow